About the author

Ikenna Okeh | ikennaokeh.com

Ikenna Okeh writes narrative poetry and novels set in Nigeria. He’s published six collections of poetry. His narrative verses, ‘A Tale To Twist’ and ‘An Eye For An Isle’ have been described by readers and critics as Homeric because of their similarity in style to The Iliad.

Ikenna also writes children’s books. His most recent children’s book is titled ‘Saving Mungo Park’ which he co-authored with Onyeka Nwelue. He has also written ‘The Man Who Thought Little of Himself’ and ‘When Everyone Sings’. It is for the sake of creating stories in whose setting and characters African children can relate to that he ventured into the genre.

Ikenna’s crime novel, ‘The Operative’ is set in Nigeria, against the backdrop of transcontinental arms deals and police corruption. It’s been received within local populations for its relatability and social relevance.

Copies of Ikenna’s books are available in the library of The Nordic Africa Institute, Sweden, and his poetry collections have been cited in international academic journals.

Besides writing poetry and prose, Ikenna writes music reviews on UbuntuFM; an internet-based radio and music promotion platform which he co-founded.